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The Pack

Elaina Chana (Owner)

Hi, My name is Elaina!

I've cared for animals  my entire life and they are my greatest passion.  As a child all I ever wanted was to  be around animals.  They make me  happy and are  so full of love. 

I was raised in Oregon and  lived most of my life there.  At the age of 17, I started working in pet care.  I was also a member of the ( FFA),  Future Farmers Association and earned many ribbons in 4-H.

Over the years, I spent my free time volunteering  at the Oregon zoo.  This was my opportunity to experience animals of all kinds and  how I learned to care for them individually. 

Rabbits, Lizards, Birds, Horses, Chickens, Cows, Cats, Dogs, are some for example.

I moved to Seattle in 2019 and began working for various competitors. It was then I decided to make my dreams come true by building a pet care business that promises to treat your fur babies like our own.

Trust their Paws in Our Hands

I've created this company to offer a more friendly, family feel. I want to get to know you and your fur baby personally.

My promise it to be a home away from home for your pet!


Kazia Saleh


My name is Kazia Saleh  

I love animals and helping people is my passion. I'm a prenursing student at Shoreline Community College and in my spare time I enjoy spending time with my partner and our 2 dogs. 

Animals are the light in a dark world and I am proud to work beside Elaina, my partner who is the most kind and caring animal caregiver that I know. I look forward to meeting Seattle's fur baby's  and providing quality care for your pets needs. 


Mark Coutee

Hello My Name is Marcus Coutee'

I am Elaina and Kazia's Closest friend and brother. When i heard about Elaina and Kazia starting their own business, I immediately offered my help, for i also like my sisters have a natural love for animals. 

I was born and raised in Chicago where i fell in love with dogs,. I also have experience in business as  I have attended and completed the Foster school of Business at the University of Washington my sophomore year of high school.

I plan on going back to school for my degree, I will be attending Shoreline Community College while I help my family on the business end as their first official employee.