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Drops ins are  for when you are away. We drop in 3 times a day 

 30 minutes (feeding and walk/potty) 

15 minutes (potty break) 


 30 minutes (feeding and walk/potty)

$60 Per Day

Park Play


Park play is a place where your pet will be picked up with a couple (pet friendly) dogs. 

They will be taken to the nearest dog park to expel run free and play. Special arrangements can be made for longer park play time as requested. 

$50 Per Dog per hour



Boarding will be in the comfort of a  sitters home. A home away from home.

We provide pick up and drop off for an extra $10 each way

Starting at $40 per day 

& $10 extra per day per dog



Your dog stays in the comfort of your home. Overnights include 9 hour stay, 12 hour stay, and 24 hour stay

7 hours-- $65

8 hours-- $75

9 hours--$85

10 hours-- $95

12 hours-- $100

24 hours-- $200

Custom needs and pricing can be determined upon consultation

Cat Care


We will come to your home and care for your kitty. Playing, feeding, cleaning litter box, and snuggling. Visits based on your needs.  

15min-- $10

20 min -- $15

30 min-- $20

45 min -- $25

60 min  -- $30

$5 per service per additional cat

Nail Trimming


Nail trimming custom to your pets needs. 

Starting at $15 

Based on pet size and difficulty of each pet. 

Extra Fees & Cancellations


Key Lock Box $40

To ensure service we suggest you have a lockbox. We can provide one for you for a one time fee of $40. If you live in an area to where lockboxes are not allowed we will find an arrangement for your keys. Lockboxes help to ensure if your sitter is unable to provide services that day, your back up sitter will have access with no issues. Of course, they are not mandatory but strongly suggested! 

Major Holidays $15

An extra fee will be added for all the major holidays this includes. 

New Years eve, New Years day, Valentines Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas

Additional Pet

For an extra pet in the house will be an extra fee

Dogs $10 for an additional

Cats $5 for an additional 


Cancellations made within 24 hours you are still required to pay 100% of the service.

Cancellations made within 48 hours you are still required to pay 50% of the service.

Any cancellations made 72 hours or later have no extra charges.  

All Pets Welcome!

Dogs and Cats aren't the only pets that need some extra love! 

We do animals all the way from your teeny tiny mouse, to your beautiful 1,500 pound horse.

All pets are welcome and loved equally!