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Julee Park

About Me

Hello,  My name is Julee,

 I am happy to be of service for you! Let me start of my introducing myself and tell you a little bit about myself and my background. I’m married and have lived in the Pacific Northwest for more than twenty years. We are pet parents of two small dogs and we live in south Everett. Maxx is a pug and chihuahua mix and Sammy is a Pomeranian mix. They are both very friendly and love to play.   

Our home is fully fenced and we have some land on our property where we have changed it into a dog friendly boarding area. While your pets stays with us, they will be utilizing the full downstairs basement where they will sleep in either a kennel or in the large open room where there is a doggy bed. The room is fully heated and made comfortable with blankets and toys for them to play with. They will have full access to the backyard thru the doggy door where they can go potty and/or exercise.   

My dogs have a very active lifestyle and go on at least 3 walks per day for at least thirty minutes. And they also visit local dog parks for at least 2 hours a day, weather permitting. While your dogs stays with us, I will accommodate their schedules and walk them around the neighborhood or in the back interbaun trails.  

When I am not watching dogs, I love to cook, read and watch movies. I hope this helps you understand my background and my compassion and love for animals and if you have any questions or concerns I will be happy to answer them and help you feel more comfortable

Meet Me

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